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There are many misunderstandings about the quality and use of fire blankets.

We are happy to list them for you:

  • Fire in the┬ácasserole is only possible when using a gas cooker. This is not true, even with ceramic and induction cookers there is a risk of fire in the casserole. These cookers can cause high temperatures, perhaps even faster than the gas-fired appliance
  • A 1 x 1 meter fire blanket works just as well. This is also not true, the size of the blanket and the weight are too limited to make a good seal. As a result, oxygen can still get to the fire and it will not go out. The fire blanket is not made to resist flames for a long time and will therefore ignite
  • All fire blankets are the same. This is also not true, because there is a difference between the fire blankets, even if the size is the same. For example, the weaving of the fabric can be different (density of the fibers) and sometimes a coating is applied. For that reason, a single-layer fire blanket can be better than a 3-layer one
  • A fire blanket can be used more than once. This is also not true, better said not responsibly. The quality of the fiber is affected by heat and flame contact. To what extent is not measurable for you. The result may be that the flame comes through the blanket during a second use. Therefore, the fire blanket must be renewed after every deployment
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