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Residential fires in The Netherlands 2018 (17 million inhabitants)

  • 80.582 reported residential fires with the insurers
  • That is 220 fire claims each day
  • 30 reports unfortunately concerned fatal domestic fires
  • A fatal domestic fire is a fire in which fatalities as a result of a fire can be regretted, which took place in a building with a residential function or in another “residential-related” object and which was not caused intentionally.
  • This resulted in 33 fatalities
  • In more than six in ten fatal fires, there was no fire prevention in the home
  • Main causes of residential fires:
    • Smoking (33%)
    • Short circuit or a defective device (30%)
  • 1 in 67 homes are affected by fire every year
  • In this digital age of smartphones and tablets, the fire brigade and insurers advise against charging (lithium) batteries when you are not at home or while sleeping. Also important: avoid “overcharging”. When the phone, tablet or equipment is charged, it is wise to immediately unplug the power cord. And only use the original charger!

Source: Risicomonitor Woningbranden 2019

Fire alerts

  • In 2016, the fire brigade control rooms received a total of 222,000 reports for fire or assistance
  • That is 608 reports per day
  • For 141,000 reports (386 per day), the fire brigade actually had to take action
  • 35% of reports are handled by the emergency center
  • 28,036 connections with a fire alarm system at the Private Emergency Response Centers

Source: CBS

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