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fire blanket 1.20 m x 1.80 m
also suitable for persons

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With a fire blanket you can quickly extinguish starting and small fires in and around your house. The fire blanket is made of fiberglass and has a size of 1.20m by 1.80m. It has a handy hanging eye and meets the BS-EN 1869:2019 standard. On the backside you can read how to use it in words and pictures.

Because of the trendy packaging, the fire blanket fits in every kitchen, living room, children’s room, boat, caravan, camper, you name it. And of course we hope it will never be necessary, but thanks to the large size of 1.20m by 1.80m you can also use Naaais for people. Or to escape a burning environment. Unlike a fire extinguisher, Naaais requires no maintenance and leaves no powder or foam behind.

Hang the Naaais fire blanket clearly visible. This way you always have a fire blanket at hand in emergency situations and prevent a few flames from becoming a spreading fire.

Please note: a fire blanket is not suitable for fat and deep-frying fires.


Most fire blankets are for single use. But at Naaais we have so much confidence in the quality and function of our fire blankets that we give a lifetime guarantee. Hopefully you never have to use the blanket, but if you do, you can send it to us after use. We will replace it free of charge, so you will always have a fire blanket at hand. Click here for the conditions and further explanation.


When a fire starts you pull the two levers and you can quickly place the blanket over the fire, taking away the oxygen and extinguishing the fire easily and safely. The blanket must be grasped at the points and wrapped around your hands. The extinguishing blanket is placed gently, facing away from you, on the seat of the fire where it should cover the entire fire. The fire must remain covered with the blanket until the fire is extinguished and the heat has also disappeared. If a fire blanket is used to extinguish burning clothing on a person, the clothing and body part must be wrapped tightly in the fire blanket. Take special care that the fire cannot reach the face by covering the fire blanket tightly at the neck.


In this digital age of smartphones and tablets, fire brigades and insurers advise not to charge batteries or lithium batteries when you’re not at home or asleep. Also important: avoid ‘overcharging’. When the phone, tablet or equipment is charged, it is wise to immediately unplug it from the wall socket. And only use the original charger!





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